3 post-processing tricks to make your smartphone pics hella good

Thanks to the latest innovations in technology, what once was considered solely a device for making phone calls and texting now has the capability to take crisp and clear photos that are wall-hanging worthy. 

First we awed over the photo capabilities of the iPhone 5 (because let's face it, 4 and 3 weren't that awe-worthy in terms of photo quality...well maybe 4 was), then iPhone 6, and now with the advancements of the iPhone 7 and its ability to produce a blurred depth of field.

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Image SEO: 5 Best Practices

I recently wrote a white paper on the best practices for image SEO and thought I'd reintroduce some of the ideas here. While some concepts in the white paper are tailored to WordPress sites, the gist of it can still be applied to using images with most CMSs, including Squarespace. (I will explain some of these differences below.)

With that said, here are several important SEO tips to keep in mind when using visuals in your written content:

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