DIY: Recycled Magazine Bowl

Have a lot of unused magazines? This DIY project is an affordable and easy way to recycle magazines into a useable object that can be gifted or incorporated as a trendy interior piece. 

Stylish decor, like this recycled magazine bowl, is an elegant way to store small items, giving the room less appearance of clutter.  At store price, you'll have to fork over cash for something designer. Yet, for those on a budget, the recycled magazine bowl is an easy way to create something trendy and uniquely yours. 

Materials needs:

  • A variety of magazines – you’ll need about 75-100 pages in the color scheme of your choice. Pages that easily fold, as opposed to stiffer ones, work better for this project.
  • Glue stick
  • Liquid glue (Elmer’s works just fine)
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil or pen  

This video has great instruction on how to fold the magazine clips and assemble the recycled magazine bowl. 

Here are the magazine bits I folded – close to 100. I used mostly pages from Free People and Anthropologie catalogs that I get in the mail regularly. I like these sorts of catalogs for this type of project because of the color scheme, and the paper used is more flexible.

My main advice is that when you start to create the bowl, once it gets about 4-6 inches in diameter, start gluing it. 

At first try, I made mine too big before gluing and pieces started to slide out. Therefore I had to unwrap and refold the parts in the coil that became loose. The number of coils shown above is when I should have started gluing everything. 

I'm happy with the final product and now have something cute to add to my apartment. This piece and others can be purchased from my shop

Stay tuned for more DIY projects!